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Their social structure was feudal. Lesser chiefs reported to paramount chiefs, as is done today in the Samoas. The land was owned by the king or the alii, the nobility. In Tonga today all land is owned by the king and thirty-three nobles who theoretically apportion it to every male on arriving at age sixteen. The 814 acreas the boy is given could produce 250 coconut palms and room enough to grow a variety of fruit and vegetables. Only there is not enough land to go around.

Tongan men tend to be large and have more than enough macho. In the old days they prided themselves on stealing women from Samoa and boats from the Fijians. Their aggressiveness is seen today when playing rugby. It has been described as a terminal game bodies all over the field.

In contrast, the Tongans are very religious and are shocked at seeing public displays of affection, unchaperoned dating and working on Sunday.

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