Gourmet Pottery US Map & Phone & Address

Gourmet Pottery US Map & Phone & Address

327 Watertown St, Newton; (617)965-0028

For some fifteen years, ceramic artist Dinny Myerson has been filling this tiny shop with beautiful and functional crafts. You can often catch her spinning her potter’s wheel behind the counter. Talk about factory-direct!

The prices are accordingly inexpensive for this kind of high-quality work. Most of these items are around $20 or less. Handsome coffee mugs are $12 each, while larger bowls are $15 and up. Or, for just $8, you can get an egg separator: It’s a cup with a smiling face carved out of one side, and when you tip it, the white pours out while the yolk stays in. Neat, huh?

There are some larger items; a handmade bowl, decorated with the names of your favorite newlyweds, can be ordered as a wedding gift ($65). Plus hanging planters, table lamps, and some items made by outside artists photo frames, earrings, funny refrigerator magnets, and colorful glass sun catchers for your window.

Dinny herself favors rich blues and purples, along with natural earth tones. It’s gorgeous stuff, and fun to buy from the actual artist. They’ll also wrap anything up here with multicolored ribbons, and they have greeting cards handmade by local artists. Open daily from 10 am. to 5:30 or 6:30 RMž and Sundays from 12-5, except in summer. Extra hours are added around Christmastime.

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