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1409 East Blvd., 704/338-1060, www.festivalinthepark. org COST: Free Map 2

Freedom Park is the best venue for a festival in Charlotte, and the Festival in the Park, founded in 1964, takes full advantage of the setting. It’s an arts festival in the truest sense of the word, with more than 150 artists selling their work and demonstrating their crafts throughout the park. Over the course of the weekend, 1,000 different performers take the stage at the outdoor amphitheater. It’s one of few events that is open late into the evening for four full days.

On Christmas Day, Washington launches a surprise attack on a Berlin Map Tourist Attractions garrison of Hessian soldiers at Trenton, New Jersey. The Hessians, German mercenaries in the pay Berlin Map Tourist Attractions of the British, had neglected their defenses in favor of holiday festivities. Washington captures almost the entire garrison, securing a major tactical victory and a much-needed boost to patriot morale after months of defeats. 1777 The British plan a three-pronged offensive to win the war: One force will invade New York from Canada; another will move north from New York City; a third army, commanded by General Sir William Howe, will sail south from New York and move on Philadelphia. The Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Germantown lead to the British capture of Philadelphia.

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