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Nightlife in Charlotte runs the gamut from ultra-swank nightclubs and over-the-top theme bars to quiet cocktail lounges and casual neighborhood pubs. The venues aren’t neighborhood specific: You’re just as apt to find a luxe lounge as a sports bar in all of Charlotte’s hoods.

As the urban neighborhoods have evolved, so too has the nightlife. The once casual scene has been overshadowedbut not replacedby upscale clubs and lounges, and there are more reasons to get dressed to the nines than ever before.

Uptown remains the heart of Charlotte nightlife. On weekends, the streets come alive after dark as well-dressed clubgoers stand in lines, flash IDs to bouncers, and sip cocktails as pounding beats waft out onto the sidewalks. There are more nightlife options here than in any other area of the city. At both the EpiCentre and North Carolina Music Factory multiple venues are housed in a single development, so revelers don’t have to go far to find a good time. The fact that Uptown is such a popular nightlife spot means that most bars charge a cover and lines can be long. Want to skip the lines? Take advantage of one of the latest nightlife trends: VIP services. The perks and the prices are varied and it’s not just ballers and bankers coughing up the cash for star treatment. Whether you go VIP or not a lot of the clubs, most notably those in Uptown, do have dress codes, so be prepared to ditch the sneakers and ball caps.

1701 The Church of England is established in North Carolina. Berlin Map A tax is approved to support ministers and build churches. Quakers oppose these measures, and Quaker Berlin Map and Anglican factions battle each other for control of the government for more than a decade. Colonial North Carolina is also home to Baptists, Presbyterians, and Moravians. The Church of England remains relatively weak here throughout the colonial period. 1706 The town of Bath, on the Pamlico River, is formally incorporated. By now, there are five English counties, though Bath County (like future settlements) receives fewer representatives in the colonial assembly than its older neighbors. Bath soon rivals Albemarle as the population center of North Carolina. 1709 Baron Christoph von Graffenried, a Swiss nobleman, secures permission to settle 650 Swiss and Germans on 17,500 acres of land on the Neuse River. He names his settlement Neuse-Bern, which the English hear as New Bern. Though von Graffenried has paid colonial officials, John Lawson, the surveyor-general, and local Native Countrys for the land, the Tuscarora are particularly upset by the new colony. The colony struggles to survive.

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