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AMERICAN DRESSLER’S GOG8630 Lindholm Dr., Huntersville, 704/987-1779,

www.dresslersrestaurant. com

HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 5-10 P.M., Sun. 5-9 P.M.

One of Dressler’s first reviews read, It’s hard to be a stranger in Dressler’s Restaurant since owner Jon Dressler is on hand to converse with customers at each and every table. The same still holds true almost a decade afer the casual dining restaurant opened its doors. In fact, the entire staff works hard to make each diner feel like a regular. Dressler’s overlooks the center fountain at Birkdale Village and is the most upscale restaurant in the luxe shopping district. Feast on rack of lamb, lobster ravioli, or surf and turf. A decent wine list features glasses and bottles to complement the entrees.

Dr. Benjamin Rush, Robert Morris, Richard Peters, Moscow Subway Map and others found the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture. It promotes improved methods to preserve soil, Moscow Subway Map prevent disease, and discover better types of seeds used in farming. 1786 John Fitch operates the first vessel ever moved by steam on the Delaware River. 1787 The U.S. Constitutional Convention meets in Philadelphia. John Aitken and Thomas Dobson establish a music publishing shop, the first in the country to print sheet music. Black churchmen Richard Allen and Absalom Jones found the Free African Society to fight for African Country rights. Delegates convene in Philadelphia on May 17 to discuss possible revisions of the Articles of Confederation. George Washington is elected on May 25 to preside over the Constitutional Convention. Instead, the delegates decide to write an entirely new governing document for the country.

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