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In the weeks following the quake, media coverage all but Hawaii best places to visit vanished. (In contrast, many months after the Haitian disaster, it remained a focus of Hawaii best places to visit frequent media attention.) Proud Chileans picked up the pieces of their shattered lives and went about the business of cleaning up, fixing up, and rebuilding. How can the sharp differences in the way the two countries responded to their respective tragedies be explained? A stable and responsible government is essential if a country and its people are to prosper. During recent decades, Chile has had a stable democratic government. The newly elected president had been in office less than two weeks when the earthquake struck, yet the government was prepared to respond immediately and in a highly organized manner to the tragedy.
A little later Kat asked if there was someone else with the spirit, the answer was “Cassandra.” At this time there is no information on a Cassandra.

As Lorena called it a wrap in that room and our group walked out, the EVP, “Wish you’d stay,” was heard.

It’s hard to imagine who could be in the basement. We think Mrs. Doherty was present and a younger woman, possibly Betty. Research is still being done to see if we can uncover the importance of Vanesco and Cassandra. Hopefully one day we will uncover their secret identities. These EVPs and more are available in the Doherty Hotel Motor Lodge Secret Room.

Our investigative team had a lot of K2 hits in the barroom but had evidence been recorded that would support those eerie responses? Video and photos turned up nothing. Audio was saved for last. Listening to audio, the hiss of white noise occupied the space between our questions, but almost immediately responses began to come through and they were compelling.

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