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Gift shop stocks books, wine accessories, and light snacks Atlanta Map Tourist Attractions . NEARBY ATTRACTION: Paso Robles City Park (site of festivals, summer concerts, farmers’ market Atlanta Map Tourist Attractions ). CASS WINERY Located at a country crossroads way off the beaten path, Cass Winery emerges like a lush mirage from among the alluvial hills east of Paso Robles. Bracketed by a 146-acre vineyard is a cream-colored winery and tasting room. Splashes of outdoor art, including a vintage railroad bell, old basket press, and flying angel weathervane, dot the grounds. Spreading oaks shade a rustic seating area.


The Long Journey Across the Yukon with Montaine

MOUNTAINS and more mountains. To the farthest point on the horizon, nothing but an ocean of mountain peaks. Whiteness everywhere, only relieved at the very bottom of the slumbering valleys by the green of the forest. The silence is total, oppressive, and inhuman, so thoroughly does it exclude all movement and heat, the essence of life. Everything is stopped, silent, frozen. The rivers and torrents, whose silvery dance lends the landscape life, are also asleep, arrested by the winter that has frozen this Far Northern land to its entrails. There is no trail, no glow of a lamp anywhere in the wan twilight. Hours pass, and the miles go by.

On the far side of a pass similar to a thousand others the plane has already overflown, the mountain below falls away and a valley appears in the evening shadow. Same whiteness, same vast silent spaces, same infinite solitude. Suddenly, the straight lines of a trail can be seen on the motionless river. And at the end of the trail, there

are dogs pulling a sled. A cloud of frost crystals surrounds them like a gray mist pouring out of their broad muzzles. In front of the dogs, a man wearing large snowshoes tamps down the deep, powdery snow. A woman walks behind the sled, where, bundled up in thick furs, a little girl sleeps. Her breath condenses in the freezing air to form a mist that joins the mist made by the dogs and by her mother behind her. The man and the woman walk without speaking, intent on the effort they are making, saving their breath. Their progress is slow and silent, in keeping with the landscape around them, so that they appear like tiny ants in a universe peopled by giants. Yet they stop when the plane passes overhead, making a yellow line in the metallic evening sky. They listen to the silence, suddenly inhabited by a noise. They look at the sky, where they suddenly see a movement they have not produced. Then the plane disappears. The silence returns, heavier and more total than before.

Below a certain temperature, one is no longer cold one is in the cold.

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