Value Village US Map & Phone & Address

Value Village US Map & Phone & Address

413 Moody St, Waltham; (617) 899-7771

1902 Centre St, West Roxbury;

(617) 327-3733 Value Village has an ever-changing variety of clothing, showroom samples, and some furniture, at overstock prices. Mine found a wall full of kitchen gadgets, for example, mostly for 990 each. Hanes socks for men were $1.99 a pair, and ready-made picture frames were reduced from $40 to $7.99. Plus lots of children’s sweatshirts and pants for $2.99 each.

An oak-finish coffee table, meanwhile, was $70; while a dinette table and chairs was $125. Some of the furniture is damaged. There were books for a dollar, sewing supplies, and cheap decorative housewares. And at Christmastime, the place is filled with seasonal stuff. The West Roxbury store also carries lots of sporting goods and camping equipment, much at up to half the original price.

Closed Sundays.

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