The World’s Top 5 Beaches

If you are looking to vacation somewhere with amazing, beautiful blue waters, year-round tropical weather, and miles of sand, take into consideration these fabulous beaches. They are known throughout the world as the best beach destinations. With so many beaches, it is hard to whittle down the top 5, but many agree there are some standouts. These favorite beaches are listed below.

Cancun is one of the most visited beaches in the world and has become the top vacation destination of this millennium. It has majestic white sand beaches, beautiful turquoise water provided by the Caribbean Sea, and a climate that is warm year round with an comfortable average temperature of 80.8 °F. Cancun got its humble beginnings as a fishing village but now is a fast-paced beach resort with up to two million tourists a year. If sunbathing is not your strong suit there is a variety of activities to partake in such as scuba diving, golf, jet skiing, and parachuting. Topless sunbathing is also allowed in certain areas. This beach is not only beautiful but offers classy resorts, posh hotels, and upscale malls that will delight even those trying to stay out of the sun.

Cocoa Island Beach, located in the Maldives, is one of the most exceptional beaches and is world known for being an exceptional diving spot. With an average temperature of 86.7 °F. These private island beaches are located in the Indian Ocean and offers turquoise water, beautiful white sands, and unbelievable sunsets. This collection of islands formed into a circle create some one of the most astounding shore lines one can imagine. One of the most popular activities at Cocoa Beach is diving with sea turtles and amongst coral reefs.

Lanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii is considered by natives to be the best beach to go swimming due to its calm shore. This Hawaiian beach is located on the windward side of Oahu and has a comfortable average temperature of 75 °F. The words Lani kai translates to “heavenly sea” and it truly fits its description. Though, this small beach is only a mile long it is repeatedly named one of the top beaches in the world. Its pristine waters and scattered palm trees create the perfect paradise for travelers seeking visual beauty. This mile long beach of white sand and calm, turquoise water is suitable for activities such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, surfing, or for sunbathing. The scenery is truly breathtaking and in the horizon you can even view volcanic islands, which make for pleasing photographs and great memories.

Panama City Beach, Florida has been one of the top beaches when for over 60 years. Spring breakers first started frequenting this Gulf Coast beach, which has an an average annual temperature of 77 °F, in the 1950’s and is referred to as “The Spring Break Capital of the World”. The beach in Panama City features 27 miles of sand and also has an amusement park named Gulf World near the waters. This popular destination is great for windsurfing, surfing, swimming, and sunbathing. In addition to the beach, there is the Dolphin Stadium and Tropical Bird Theater amusement parks, which add to the list of things to do at Panama City Beach.

Hanauma Bay Beach is another Hawaiian beach that makes the list of one of the most enchanting beaches in the world. Its beautiful white sands and amazing coral reefs make it an excellent destination for those wanting to experience the visual beauty of Hawaii. The water is so clear and tranquil that swimming with fishes are common. The coral reefs off shore allow the Bay to be considered the best place in Hawaii to snorkel or scuba dive. Hanauma Beach offers some of the most beautiful marine life and reef viewing in the world and is considered a great place for beginner snorkelers.

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