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Hey guys – this morning we are at the Joyce UTEP temple here in Chiang Mai Thailand we’re gonna call this as the Buddhist temple like most of the temples here in Thailand. And, it’s also one of the prettiest one.

So there are a couple different rules about visiting the Buddhist temple is here in Thailand one, you have to always make sure, you touch with your female that, you are wearing your temple. And outfit which is basically pretty much covering your shoulders. And covering a lake having parasols on top means royal temple plus the garden lotus flower on top because garden law dress for Buddhist is one of the symbol of the Lord Buddha now something to pay respect to me right now we’re just about to go into the area where the monks of are we have left by a monk.

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I just want to quickly point this out to, you guys we stopped for lunch at a place called cabbages. And condoms cabbages hang condom, this is Thailand for, you our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy good to know hey guys welcome to Chang right. So you’ve drove several hours north from Chiang Mai.

And now we’re in Chiang Rai. And we’re already at our first stop oh my gosh yes we are here at the new tribe village which is basically if you’ve seen a lot of national Geographics art-style, it’s the people with the long necks. And the rings of the next, you know what.

I’m talking about, you know what. I’m talking about if not. I guess, you will find out village, this is called the village of them the Union optical tribes because we also get to see different tribes all together in one place if the lady have got like 27:30 wings on her neck.

And she feel like oh, this is pretty enough. I’m done okay she go she still go with the same set of wings forever they only take the Rings off when they want to clean the Rings or wash themselves maybe couple times a year not to do it really often because neck could be a little weak because necks are used to have something to support all the time, it’s not that’s not making the neck getting longer at all, but it just keep putting the shoulder down what are your thoughts, it’s amazing if you like, it’s the National Geographic episode in the market crackling hey cricket crickets, it’s good actually. I think because.

I thought I’ll keep the deep fryer. ?

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