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I got the impression that I knew more about his region Hangzhou Map Tourist Attractions than he did, since when I told him about the stretch of Great Wall I’d found Hangzhou Map Tourist Attractions , he asked for its location so he could take future tourists there, and when I mentioned the water wheels, he said he’d lived in Zhong Wei for twenty years and never knew that they existed. He reminded me that I had agreed to give a lecture at the school before I left. I had been trying not to think about that. In the classroom I was confronted by fifty students sitting at their desks. Good evening,’ I said. Good^evening,’ they all chorused.

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Being a passenger, or what Thrift refers to as passengering’ (2004), creates a distinct form of ontology with the car machine. Albeit in a less controlled manner, because the passengers cannot manipulate the speed, acceleration, braking or direction of the vehicle. While there are overlaps between the tactile experiences of these two activities, their respective relationship to the car, speed and motion is distinct (as back-seat motion sickness attests):

The sensual vehicle of the driver’s action is fundamentally different from that of the passenger’s, because the driver, as part of the praxis of driving, dwells in the car, feeling the bumps on the road as contacts with his or her body not as assaults on the tires, swaying around curves as if the shifting of his or her weight will make a difference in the car’s trajectory, loosening and tightening the grip on the steering wheel as a way of interacting with other cars.

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