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Hello guys hello Ben, this is Ben from combi life.

And we are in a combi, this is my betta bus. I’ve been driving traveling from Chile heading up to Alaska. I have shared this tiny little space with over a hundred people and So we thought we’d get together here in Canada. And talk about travel. And love.

And relationships while on the road yes something that we’re both quite experienced done. So we want to educate, you in this post it’ll be fun. So the first way to find people is before, you go best way internet social media the other ways to find people when, you get down if you go to hospital, you are going to be surrounded by other people that love travelling love exploring.

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And love adventures get out there get meeting, you are not going to be shorter travel companions once you’ve got those relationships how do, you keep them is the difficult part first. And most important is to make sure that, you have good personal hygiene another important one is keeping hangar bay which is hungry anger seriously we’ve been driving on the stripe forever well hell are we going look at, this is the Ramanujan yeah hangar open communication it might sound like an obvious one, but talk to the people you’re traveling with if you’re tired if you’re sick if you’re frustrated tell them how you’re feeling they’re much more likely to get a hug than a slap be supportive of each other. I mean everybody at some point another gonna be.

I’m frustrated or tired or who gets sick if you just met them. And even if you’re tired or frustrated dude are, you okay. And keep it light-hearted.

And keep perspective, you are gonna miss the bus occasionally the hotel is not gonna look as good as it did in the brochure it looked much better in the pictures just have a giggle about it these are the things that you’ll look back on. And laugh at afterwards be flexible to your travel partners needs compromise that’s one of the things that, you gotta know when, you travel into the people if things do get a bit stressful on your travels, you can always treat yourself think about using two to three days of your budget in one guy on a nice meal or a nice hotel. So that, you can feel rejuvenated and, you can approach the next day with full energy treat yourself if you find that, you can’t be flexible.

And one person wants to do one thing. And another person wants to do another thing consider splitting up for the day. And meeting back for a beer over sunset to talk about all the amazing things, you discovered in that town or that place during the day yeah there’s nothing wrong with going off.

And doing your own thing for a day or a few hours. And looting unfortunately these situations do happen that, you are traveling with somebody. And you’re realizing that you’re not clicking you’re not clicking as well as, you would like to and, you have to say goodbye to that person they might not necessarily want to leave, you, it’s an awkward situation there’s really no way to get around it yeah, it’s a little bit difficult, you have to be a little bit selfish, but, you also have to be respectful for the other person’s feelings, you will have someone’s feelings.

So if you feel that your direction is different the other person’s or, you want it to be be nice to them. And break it to them gently, but be honest you’ll hurt their feelings even more later down the line if you don’t do it, you know even if you went travelling with your best friend and, you find halfway through the adventure that, it’s not really working out bear in mind that just because they’re your best friend it doesn’t mean that, you can spend 24 hours a day with them. So if you want to keep that friendship long-term it might be a good idea to split up for a little while.

And meet up again further down the road please. And, it’s good to realize that. And break the trouble off then.

And there. And keep that friendship then continuing on with a Kabul knowing that, you guys are not getting along in trouble. And ruing that friendship forever yeah saying goodbye isn’t always something, you want to do when, you don’t want to travel with them sometimes.

I’ve often when you’re traveling, you have to say goodbye to the people you’ve met. And absolutely fallen in love with. And it can be really really tricky yeah there are all sorts of reasons why your travel has to stop.

And there’s only not of your choosing and I can think that nothing is forever like goodbyes are always hard don’t cry because. I have a smile because it happened that one exactly just remember guys to embrace the experience.

And the adventure. And keep an open heart with lots of love for the people that, you will meet on the road because you’ll never know never know who that person is until, you meet them that’s right guys happy travels thank, you guys so much for reading this post please give a thumbs up if you liked it.

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