Hey guys welcome to neediness travel blogs New Zealand North Island part one awesome part on this amazingly gorgeous day we’re going to talk mushroom vlogs because well, this is one of my first travel vlogs that.

I’ve done. And, it’s a little bit II amateur give me break guys. I didn’t know how to do travel vlogs.


I was a little bit intimidated at first, you know, it’s kind of scary vlogging, you are out a bunch of people with a camera but I promise, you as the posts go along they will get much much better that is a promise and. I’ve got lots to show, you guys.

I have a new post coming up for, you every three days that’s right one two three mark it down in your calendars every three days. I was gonna do like every Monday every Saturday, but, you know what every three days, you can count one two three three days. I’ve done a post in like two months that’s a long time.

And you’ll see why, you will see why because. I was traveling. And internet is a rare commodity when traveling especially fast internet.

And then computers because. I didn’t travel with my beautiful beautiful mikvah hello max. So it was a little bit hard to edit.

So, but but, but, you know what now, you guys get to see the rewards, you get to reap the rewards of a lot of traveling. So here it is. I hope, you enjoy a little while put together of New Zealand part one.

I’m here at the violence it is an organ maple. And Kiwis comp. I’ve been doing blog posts on all these trips all the things, you just saw, you can read more in depth about what.

I did and, you can see way more photos. And just get more info yeah. So just check out my website and.

I will put the links to each of the blog posts that we talked about in this post in the bottom bar now, it’s a bottom bars on a side bar, it’s bottom bar. So, you can check all that info out there yeah if you missed my last post here it is check it out and. I will catch, you guys later in three days three days mark it on your calendar new post from the name coming out alright.

I come. And get it I’ll give, you a hint, it’s nothing ever. ?

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