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County: More og Romsdal fylke.

The Romsdal, the valley of the Rauma, is one of the most beautiful valleys in Norway, extending for a distance of some 60 km (40 miles) in a SW direction from Andalsnes, on the magnificent Romsdalsfjord.

The valley can be reached either from Andalsnes or from the SE by way of the Gudbrandsdal ( 112), from the head of which E69 runs over the watershed between the Skagerrak and the Atlantic and down into the upper Romsdal. Beyond the inn at Stugaflaten, the last place in the Gudbrandsdal, the road passes from the county of Oppland (to the SE) into More og Romsdal (to the NW). The Romsdal, which the road now descends, gets steadily narrower. From the road, as it winds its way down the valley, there are striking views of the Rauma flowing tumultuously below. At the Slettafoss, the river has carved a wild gorge out of the rock masses.

At Verma (alt. 273 m 895 ft) there is a stone commemorating the opening of the railway in 1924. Here the railway line crosses the river on the Kyllingbru (76 m (240 ft) long, 59 m (195 ft) high). Nearby is the Vermafoss hydroelectric power station.

A short distance farther on the road reaches the valley bottom, with steep hills on either side. At Flatmark (alt. 127 m 417 ft) the 1676 m (6000 ft) peak of Dentind is seen on the left.

At Kors is a church built in 1919 with parts of the old church of Flatmark. It has a fine altar screen by Jacob Klukstad, the Master of the Acanthus.

In a wider part of the valley, under the massive bulk ofthe Kalskratind (1799 m 5903 ft), is Marstein. To the N, dominating the scene, rises the Romscalshom (1550 m 5086 ft); to the W are the Troiitinder (1794 m 5886 ft), with almost vertical rock faces, never climbed until 1966. The height of the mountains means that, for almost five months of the year, the sun is not visible in the valley.

At the Sogge bridge the Trollstig vei bears off on the left and runs through the Isterdalto Valldal. It crosses the Stigfoss and continues up to the TrollStig-heimen Fjellstue, on the pass, after which it descends to Valldal on the magnificent Tafjord.

At the Grotor bridge a side road leads to Grytten church. E69 continues to Andalsnes. Andalsnes (pop. 3000; Grand Hotell Bellevue, 130 Rauma Pensjonat, 20 Gjerset Pensjonat, 20 youth hostel, 75 b.), on the beautiful Romsdalsfjord, is a lively vacation resort with an important harbour and shipyards for (among other things) oil-rigs.

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