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I have heard that this country is notorious for gaming; San Jose Map Tourist Attractions however that may be, I have not seen a pack of cards, nor a die, San Jose Map Tourist Attractions since I left home, nor gaming nor betting of any kind except at the Richmond-race. Almost every gentleman of condition, keeps a chariot and four; many drive with six horses. I observe that all the merchants and shopkeepers in the sphere of my acquaintance are young Scotchmen, several of whom I know It has been the custom heretofore to have all their tutors, and schoolmasters from Scotland, tho’ they begin to be willing to employ their own countrymen. In the evening Ben Carter and myself had a long dispute on the practice of fighting. He thinks it best for two persons who have any dispute to go out in good-humour and fight manfully, and says that they will be sooner and longer friends than to brood and harbour malice. Mr.

The bumper sticker image (Figure 2) is seen in various forms across Australia; however, it is perhaps more evident in the more decentralized states of West Australia and Queensland. They were prominent during the rise of the far-right political party, One Nation in the 1990s, and remain a feature of the racist terrain.

Figure 1, Fuck off we’re full is an artwork that consists of a light box with a vinyl front. It takes the message of the bumper sticker and subverts its anger in a manoeuvre that is both seductive and strategic. In terms of design, there is a similarity of size, though the area of text in the sticker is larger than in the artwork: the font is larger and more aggressive and it has a stencilled look that is fractured, but tough, symbolic of the pioneering spirit, identified with enterprise’ (Dyer 1997: 80) of white Australia. Its barely-contained rage connotes that Australia is under threat but nevertheless is fighting back, against Asians, boat people, Muslims and any who do not share our’ values. They or Them’ are excluded from white Australia’s constructed imagined community’ (Anderson 1983).

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