Epic Treehouse Retreat in Port Douglas

Hey everybody welcome to Sala Beach Resort we just woke up in the middle of the rainforest apparently like a national park we’ve just set up this amazing little hotel. But we’re currently walking through the rainforest class on my breakfast is he’s just might have found it love the sound of nature in the morning oh wow there’s like parakeets or marquees parakeets it is like such a nice day it is like 7:00 a.m. and it’s humid.

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So it means perfect time to go for a swim I like watch the beautiful sunrise got up at 5:30. Because that tree house view we have from our houses it’s made for sunrises and. Because we’re on the East Coast unlike our home on the west coast we get Sun sets in the west coast. But you get sunrises here that’s worth they’re getting up to watch them Wow guys this is one epic pool oh my goodness this is so nice such a beautiful backdrop oh, and you got the little like little nest for Edward wait wait different tiered waterfalls I’ve heard that that could be a spa. So, I’m definitely gonna go up in there after my dip in the pool hopefully oh yeah okay let’s see if I can show you guys our little treehouse whoa we did a 360 photo on our Facebook page, I’ll link it in the description you have to check it out seriously isn’t this like the coolest accomodation here in Queensland I love it is a grumpy girl don’t let her out way back frightened rotten it up I do apologize that’s Clifton cheers family we are trying to sell them lifeguards say we can’t have fun it’s the Perry’s last day here. So we’ve come to the Esplanade, and there’s this big local pool yes life.

So we’ve come with my parents, and Stevens parents we’re just waiting for them to come, and we’re gonna go, and steal the water. But what’s cool is it’s a pool there’s the ocean here’s the pool, and they’ve even added stands. So it feels like it’s a pool. Because in cancers an issue with stingers. So what they’ve done is they’ve made this pool. So people can swim, and not be worried about stingers or crocodiles or anything we’re gonna come, and feel the water oh that’s nice that’s really nice let’s check out there in the water it’s cool the only issue is this lifeguard here didn’t let us use our pool noodles tragic tragic oh are you going in it’s nice water yeah Stevie not Jessa’s gonna play father Christmas that’s an unusual Oh first presents for clay look at the hood these are together okay these are for you Dobbs are you sure about that it says your name on it yeah it’s Tea for Two, and it rebels. So it is beginning with J the gift card thank you was it a JV voucher I have a trend with the cards oh thank you we can get a gift or iam there okay thank you guys I’ve been wanting to give this to you for.

So long we need to add some context to the post after it’s open okay this is a hey what you won’t guess it it’s an artistic frames yeah right what’s on the frame its Geoffrey’s review beautiful company in a beautiful, and reason is very Jeffrey’s review we have found a barbecue, and we’re gonna make up some lunch Christmas for Sunday I will see you guys in a couple weeks we’ll see you next year I know Nick 2018 bye no no have a Merry Christmas Merry Christmas they’re cutting a holiday a little bit short. Because they want to go have Christmas with my brother similar to Jess they haven’t had Christmas with my brother for a few years. So that’s why we’re here, and Network there. But Claire will be blogging us if you want to see what they get off to a Christmas leave her Lincoln, I’ll leave a link below Hey guys, and happy Christmas Eve we’re spending one more night in Port Douglas, and currently cooking up a storm. So mum, and dad had organized a little place for us to stay with Jake. So we can show you in Port Douglas happy dresses favorite day of the year everyone we’ve just come down to a lookout, and we get to look over a really beautiful beach it’s got four mile beach Jess was saying, and apparently it’s not four miles long. So I know why they call a four mile beach.

But this is the beautiful place to come, and see this beach in Port Douglas it’s just up it’s called the lookout you just head into the town, and you just go up a bit of a hill. But, I’ll show you guys how beautiful blocks this Beach is the number one reason I think you guys should come at support Douglas it is so beautiful it’s probably what you guys think of when you think of Australia palm trees beautiful beach amazing ocean only thing is we don’t suggest you swim in the ocean here there are one of the world’s most dangerous jellyfish yeah, and yeah they have got little swimming zones for you to swim in those, and get some of the ocean. But besides that please guys swim between the live cards guys I think I found our beachside apartments were moving into oh that’s the one how easy is this drone their camera everything, I’m just literally charging my phone yep they even have sting of vinegar stations just a bottle of vinegar if you guys get stung Friday guys we’re back at our hotel, and we’re gonna spend the rest of Christmas Eve in the pool it’s the only way to do it when he’s celebrating in Australia the pool area here is so nice whoo that is it lipping did you say Oh all right let’s do the test oh it isn’t iffy not too bad though sorry guys, and breaking my three-week stint of no soda before a very good reason not not for a classic Funderburk’s I know what that tastes like, I’m satisfied with us. But I was out shopping, and this isn’t brought to you by coke by the way I just saw it Coca Cola’s doing a ginger flavor like I actually love the vanilla coke. So I was like I have to try the ginger coke.

So this is your official review of the Coca Cola ginger from flying anis mmm has a very gingery smell. But it also smells like Diet Coke at the same time not bad it’s actually pretty weak on the ginger, I’m a little bit disappointed break my month long stint for this mmm I really like ginger beer that has like that spots at the end of it I just like cuts the throat when you drink it you veg into me you know exactly what, I’m talking about how it tastes more like root beer than ginger beer, I’m sorry guys, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to me, I’m sorry to you, and coke aren’t you make a better ginger code all righty Jake, and I are on Hot Chip mission we found a fish, and chip shop just down the road although they’re closed tomorrow I think we’re okay now. So closed stay they were closed Christmas movie time well I think, I’m getting sunburned look how red my nose is we’re all getting very very sunburned anyway every Christmas my mom would put a stocking at the end of the bed. So every morning we would wake up, and have a stocking we could open, and then we had I think we were allowed to wake her up when one day at 6 a.m. and we were one of those kids that woke up at 3 a.m.

So excited couldn’t get back to sleep would wake up each other up we go through our stockings. So then we had something to do while waiting, and mum this year has given me this bag, and she’s told me to open this up on Christmas Eve, and I must put these at the end of our bed for tomorrow morning’s so let’s see yeah all right one says Jess she’s made them in Santa hats, I’ll put them, I’ll put them down here are three for when we wake up Jake remember don’t wake us up before 6:00 okay, I’ll give you something now then this one is Stephens, I’ll put this here as well, and last one is Jace okay, I’ll put this down here for the morning well then you have to come out wake us up all righty good night guys I hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve, and we’ll see you all tomorrow on Christmas Day good night.

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