Scottsdale Subway Map

Matt (L) takes EMF and temperatures readings with Rich (R)

About a hour into our investigation, we saw Bev enter the lower balcony. The battery on our audio recorder positioned up there was getting low and she’d come to change the battery. After completing the task, she quietly sat down on one of the stairs with her EMF meter and listened as Matt continued his line of questioning.

“Are you a steelworker that fell to your death?” No response.

Matt called out the name of Roy Brown, who had been manager of The Whiting for at least 25 years. Roy had passed away several years before. Some believed his spirit remains attached to the place he loved so much.

“Was your name Roy?” Matt’s KII suddenly flashed red, the highest reading on the meter.
At the earth beneath their feet began to tremble and roar Scottsdale Subway Map . A horrible disaster was striking the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country. Measured at a magnitude of 7 Scottsdale Subway Map .0, the earthquake struck Haiti’s capital and largest city and surrounding communities.

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