we are at the waterjet of geneva it is the most iconic symbol of GE, but, it’s a huge jet that streaks out over Lake Geneva now the origins of the jet go back to the 1800s where it was used as a safety valve for the hydraulic power Network.

And it was used to release the pressure on evenings. And weekends. And then became such a big attraction itself for its aesthetic value that they’ve decided to just release it all the time.

Map of SWITZERLAND Geneva Photo Gallery

And during the day. And now it is a huge thing to see here in Geneva what did, you get it is named mango sorbet with like a strawberry drizzle, you spell your sorbet on your shirt, you won’t even know. So Geneva is kind of known as the city of peace because right now we are currently exploring the international area International District which is home to over 200 international organizations including the UN.

And the Red Cross. So, this is actually the museum of the Red Cross. And Red Crescent the reason, it’s called the museum of the Red Cross.

And the Red Crescent is because well most of, you guys would recognize the Red Cross, you might not recognize the Red Crescent and, this is because that is a symbol that, it’s used in Muslim countries the Red Cross comes in to help because they didn’t want it to be is to associated with Christianity because muscle country they’re talking other religions. So they use the Red Crescent another Red Cross which is the private humanitarian organization was actually founded here in Geneva. So it was founded in 1863.

And his headquarters is still based here in Geneva hence why there is the Red Cross Museum here takes a lot of people to try. And make things better. And make things.

And to progress. So we are outside of the United Nations building here in Geneva because that is home to DNA Nations as, you see it there is, this is kind of like the International Plaza. And behind me, you have all of the flights of the United Nations obviously behind a very secure security door okay.

So tonight we are eating at your mummy. And is a Japanese a French solution spirited by Michelle rock if a very famous Michelin star chef here in Geneva he’s actually the executive chef of this restaurant Monica. I’m super excited because.

I love Japanese food. And throw in some French food in my belly to do that and. So so there’s.

So much big incision here beyond excited. I will eat all of this and. I will not regret it they’re saying a lot she needs up for the day our necks a little fairy trip away.

So we’re going to taking it than this. I guess, it’s a bit like a fairy there’s a long like Jeeva yeah we are now in of France. And this town is absolutely my jar eat wha, you are stunning this is.

So gorgeous like. I mean like we literally turned a corner. And there is another photo opportunity that’s just beautiful.

And where my songs okay well. I had swans when they left me, but guys taking the boat back to GTFO we are gonna be biking through the slippery side well right now we gotta get to the country our exist power-assist, it’s actually really cool. And all right our field to try.

And get the perfect Instagram for us. And these flowers are literally surrounded by like 15 there are 15 like bees on each of these sunflowers. And.

I’m freaking out for this sunflower photo baby oh my goodness. ?

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