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230 E. W. T. Harris Blvd., Ste. A10, 704/595-9553,


HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 11 A.M.-2 A.M., Sun. noon-2 A.M.

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Beer, wings, and TVs make this a favorite sports bar on the north side of town. The 15 televisions that circle the bar are always tuned into one sporting event or another (but don’t expect to see anything other than a pigskin on the screen during football season!). The menu is loaded with all of the artery-clogging favorites that are expected on game day. If you’re looking for a pitcher of beer, plates of wings and fried cheese, and a casual place to watch the game, this is it.

1665 At the urging of the United Colonies of New England Taiwan Metro Map , New Haven is absorbed into the larger Connecticut colony. 16751676 Metacom’s (King Philip Taiwan Metro Map ‘s) War consumes New England. Fighting breaks out between the Wampanoags, the Plymouth Colony, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony in response to increased dispossession and mission activity. Most of the actual fighting takes place outside of Connecticut’s borders, but Connecticut commits a significant number of soldiers to the Puritans’ war effort. Connecticut will aid western Massachusetts in a number of colonial wars throughout the eighteenth century as well. Interestingly, Edmund Andros, New York’s governor, uses the chaos of King Philip’s War to assert the Duke of York’s claim to much of Connecticut, but after a brief, armed standoff, Andros backs down.

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