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I was nearly knocked to the ground but clung on grimly Changsha Metro Map , and when we’d extricated ourselves from the thicket he calmed down. It wasn’t far to Changsha Metro Mapthe lake and for the rest of the journey he behaved well Changsha Metro Map , swinging his feet across the shallow hills toward a series of large sand dunes and sand Changsha Metro Map mountains where the lake lies. What seems curious to me is that the lake exists at all, since sand dunes are known to move under the force of wind.

The lake should have been obliterated by dunes, yet somehow the wind patterns must protect it. According to old records, the lake has been here since before the early Han era, and was ever esteemed for its beauty. The camel-driver told me that on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month, Chinese people still come here to collect a specially medicinal mugwort, and to sit buried in the sand as therapy for aches and pains.

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