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1201 Elizabeth Ave. (Central Piedmont Community College campus),

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Charlotte used to have two small green festivalsCharlotte Clean & Green and Earth Day Charlotte. In 2009, the organizations partnered to create one massive green event. There are plenty of vendors offering information and selling eco-friendly products (and organizers do a good job of ensuring their green-ness). The highlights of the festival are the workshops and the activities for kids. Experts lead free seminars on eco-friendly topics like organic gardening and green building and Captain Planet helps future environmentalists plant veggies and make crafts. Even the food vendors are eco-friendly, offering dishes made from local and organic ingredients and served on compostable plates.

On June 10, the Congress creates a War and Ordnance Santa Ana Map Board to oversee the military matters of the Country colonies. The following day, it appoints a Santa Ana Map committee to create a draft of the Declaration of Independence; the committee appointed by the Continental Congress selects Thomas Jefferson to compose the first draft. Also in June, Virginia passes the Declaration of Rights, which guarantees certain rights to citizens and is a precursor to the Bill of Rights. The Continental Congress adopts the predecessor to the modern flag of the United States, containing thirteen red and white stripes and thirteen stars on blue. The Congress starts to print paper money, and it declares that loyalists are guilty of treason against the united Country colonies. On June 27, Thomas Jefferson completes his first draft of the Declaration of Independence. It is read at the Continental Congress the next day. On July 2, the Continental Congress passes a resolution calling for independence from Great Britain. On July 4, the Declaration of Independence is adopted by the Continental Congress unopposed; it is read publicly for the first time on July 8 in Philadelphia.

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