Playa De Las Americas Tenerife Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort

Hi and welcome to this post. In this post I want to give you a look around Playa de las Americas in Tenerife. If you have already been here, a great way to see it all again.

Playa De Las Americas Tenerife Spain Tour Of Beach And Resort Photo Gallery

If you are planning a holiday here, a great way to see what to expect. In the next few minutes I will give you a full tour of the beaches, restaurants, shops,.. and everything else there is to see here in Playa de la Americas. So this area in the daytime is all about chill out bars and the beach, in the night, it is all about drinking and partying. You can see more about that in my post Playa de las Americas: Evening and nightlife. This area is also very popular with surfers. If you are into surfing you can rent boards here and take lessons and in that case you might also want to take a day trip to El Medano, that is really the place for surfing in Tenerife. This is a nice beach club especially with the sea-pools next to it. In the evening this is the more chill out spot in Playa de las Americas and a nice place to come and chill out if you wanna get away from all the crowds.

So these drone shots did not turn out very good as they were taken the day before and it was a bit cloudy then, but still I hope they give you a nice view of the beach even tho there are not so many people on it. If you like to shop, this area of Playa de las Americas is perfect for you. This whole are feels like a whole upscale and branded shopping center. It also has loads of great places to eat in the evening. This area of Playa de las Americas, the Veronicas area, is definitely the place to be in the evening if you want to party. If you enjoyed this post, you might want to comment to the blog to find more of my posts covering nightlife, best hotels and many more things in Playa de las Americas. I also have other posts covering holidays in Tenerife and the rest of Spain. And if you are travelling to Tenerife soon you can also have a look on my website ./tenerife .

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