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Under his immediate tuition and government, this society has flourished Santiago Map Tourist Attractions far beyond the most raised and sanguine expectations. The number of students has increased, in the Santiago Map Tourist Attractions short space of five years, from eight or ten, to about sixty; besides near forty in the grammar school.

As no human institutions in a world of imperfection and error are so completely modeled to exclude the possibility of further emendation, it may be said, without any intention of disparagement to other learned seminaries, that the governors of this college have endeavored to improve upon the commonly conceived plans of education.

They proceed not so much in the method of a dogmatic institution, by prolix discourses on the different branches of the sciences, by burdening the memory and imposing heavy and disagreeable tasks, as in the Socratic way of free dialogue between teacher and pupil, or between the students themselves under the inspection of their tutors. In this manner, the attention is engaged, the mind entertained, and the scholar animated in the pursuit of knowledge.

In fine, the arts and sciences are conveyed into the minds of youth in a method, the most easy, natural, and familiar.

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