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And that the Qualifications of Electors and Elected and all other Guatemala Subway Map matters and things Relateing to Elections of Representatives to Serve in Assemblies though not herein perticulerly Exprest shall Guatemala Subway Map be and remaine as by a Law of this Government made at Newcastle in the Yeare One thousand Seven hundred Intituled An act to ascertaine the number of members of assembly and to Regulate the elections.

THIRDLY That the Freemen in Each Respective County at the time and place of meeting for Electing theire Representatives to serve in Assembly may as often as there shall be Occasion choose a Double number of persons to present to the Governour for Sheriffes and Coroners to Serve for three Yeares if they Soe long behave themselves well out of which respective Elections and Presentments the Governour shall nominate and Commissionate one for each of the said Officers the third day after Such Presentment or else the first named in Such Presentment for each Office as aforesaid shall Stand and Serve in that Office for the time before respectively Limitted.

And in case of Death and Default Such Vacancies shall be Supplyed by the Governour to serve to the End of the said Terme Provided allwayes that if the said Freemen shall at any time neglect or decline to choose a person or persons for either or both the aforesaid Offices then and in Such case the persons that are or shall be in the respective Offices of Sheriffes or Coroner at the time of Election shall remaine therein untill they shall be removed by another Election as aforesaid. And that the Justices of the respective Counties shall or may nominate and present to the Governour three persons to Serve for Clerke of the Peace for the said County when there is a vacancy, one of which the Governour shall Commissionate within Tenn dayes after Such Pressentment or else the first Nominated shall Serve in the said Office dureing good behaviour. FOURTHLY That the Laws of this Government shall be in this Stile Vizt By the Governour with the Consent and Approbation of the Freemen in Generall Assembly mett And shall be after Confirmation by the Governour forthwith Recorded in the Rolls Office and kept at Philadelphia unless the Governour and Assembly shall Agree to appoint another place. FIFTHLY that all Criminalls shall have the same Priviledges of Wittnesses and Councill as theire Prosecutors.

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