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In recent years Uptown has become the Queen City’s cultural hub, with numerous museums, bars, and restaurants sprouting up. Cranes almost outnumber skyscrapers here as new buildings are erected at a rapid pace. A new light rail system debuted in 2007, and noteworthy sights include the EpiCentre, Levine Museum of the New South, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

South End and Dilworth

Once home to rows of textile mills and warehouses, South End, Destination’s design district, is now a mix of interior-design firms, furniture showrooms, hip condos, restaurants, and design shops. Dilworth has a number of dwellings that show up on the National Register of Historic Places. Walking along the tree-lined streets here is the best way to appreciate the unique architecture, which dates back to the 1900s. Locals jog and walk their dogs in Freedom Park, visit historic homes-turned-restaurants to nosh on international cuisine, and shop the boutiques for unique treasures.

The prosecutor’s case was a simple explanation of the facts of the criminal libels. The printed pages were the evidence. Burundi Map Hamilton began his defense by admitting that Zenger had, in fact, printed the words, but he stated that Zenger had the right to print the truth. He eloquently argued that the decision of the jury, rather than that of a panel of judges, ought to decide this case. The prosecution reiterated that the admission of facts by Zenger proved his guilt, and argued that the law recognized that if the libels were true, the truth was an aggravation of Zenger’s guilt because it brought even greater shame and public ridicule upon the governor. Hamilton countered that Zenger was free to print something as long as it was true. Following closing arguments and Chief Justice Delancey’s instructions that the fact of the libels were sufficient for a guilty finding, the jury retired for a short time. It returned with a contrary verdict of not guilty. Zenger was released from custody the following day.

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