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The landscape of the outer side of Santorini is very different from the cliffs overlooking the caldera. In the centre of the island, from north to south, are the limestone massifs of Megalo Vouno, Mikros Profitis Ilias, Profitis Ilias and Gavrilos. The highest of these mountains, Profitis Ilias, has a summit only 556 metres above sea level. The ground stretching towards the east coast is flat create a magical atmosphere further enhanced by the white houses of Fira. p. Id I miniature cable naSiMy link i’ira and Mem Yialos. The ’ lew from niioti oner the caldera and the ml-canij of Santorini is oj incomparable beauty. and fertile. This is where the towns of Pyrgos, Em-borio, Karterado and Finikia are situated, with the beaches of Kamari, Perissa and Monolithos, which have pebbles or black sand.

The climate of Santorini is pleasant even in the summer, which is comparatively cool. The northeasterly winds which prevail in the summer months help to keep the temperature down.

The island’s soil, thanks to its volcanic origins, is unusually fertile. Its farm produce lias long been famous for quality and taste. The most prized of these products is the wine of Santorini. Apart from the brusco and vinsanto vintages, the island also produces a variety called ‘nychteri’, a name derived from the way in which it is made. ‘Nychteri’ is made from unpressed grapes piled in the vats overnight. The juice seeps from them very slowly, squeezed out by their own weight.

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Apart from vines, the island also favours tomatoes, small perhaps but exceptionally tasty. The locals made tomato paste from them to store for the difficult days of winter. They also grew barley, cucumbers and yellow peas. The peas, of a special variety, are used to make ‘fava’, a kind of paste eaten with olive oil, chopped onions and lemon juice. Another of the island’s important economic resources is layer of tufa beneath the surface of its soil, at some points reaching up to 30 to 40 metres thick. Large quantities of this material, which has in-sulatory properties, are still exported and much of it was used in the construction of the Suez Canal. Today, the agricultur-

Santorini in recent years has developed into a summer holiday resort for thousands of Greeks and foreigners. Its important archaeological sites and its stunning beauty, which is mainly a function of its extraordinary landscape, attract tourists from all over the world eveiy summer.

The unique landscape of the island, Us history and the traditional life-style of the islanders attract thousands of visitors from all over the world each year.

View of Fira and Mesa Yin Ins, off which cruise ships can drop anchor.

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