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It’s a pancake makeup how cool is this see how it’s like you can say about lying we got pancakes calendar we need believe in our life this thing is seriously amazing here’s your good if we can made way too many why does mine have a gigantic strong that’s mine Hey everybody Hey you just wake up 1 5 minutes ago, and consuming this straight away no just go Hey everyone welcome to we are going to go out, and explore. But first of all when we did the nine-day northern loop trip we went to like Prague, and Berlin, and France, and all that, and one of the people that were on the tour reach out to us, and said let’s hang out in Florence yeah yes it’s gonna be gonna go see him spin yes daddy’s here in Florence which is pretty cool yes cuz he’s an American that’s a yes yeah. So we’re gonna go down to university, and see him then we’re gonna walk around Florence, and show you horrid scenes we failed to do that yesterday.

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But we still went to the coolest place yet oh yeah I think I think yeah. But yeah we’re gonna go now that is a cool car like three-wheeled it’s like sorry guys there’s someone cleaning the ground right now. But how incredible is this building it’s called the Cathedral of oh man a very forgotten sorry decide to check my paper if he’s caught at the cathedral of santa maria del fire i think this is my favorite tower he in florence is amazing I’ve lost even and, I’m lost Cleo, and I am postging in a really really I was looking at people that what are you doing is this someone’s like yeah that’s right well scary we are meeting, and teaming he is front of life is big darn section see a little band on yeah this building is incredible guys it’s like I think in the middle of the town, and there’s all shops everywhere, and stuff it’s so nice what Steven he is obsessed to taking photos of this building, and it is huge I don’t think we can ever take a photo of the entire building like we were walking around around, and now I don’t even know how people take photos of this thing Wow we’re going on the Tim huh we’re going on the Tim I gotta find a girl got a fighter good where are you 10 this booty is way too big this was not a good choice or where to meet we are like walking around the entire building we don’t know where to go we’re now on this section it goes right around yes, and we’re going in circles Timmy where you at it’s now been 10 minutes, and we’ve walked all the way to the other side of the dome thing of the Cathedral, and we still can’t find him.

But, I’ll show you the view from the other side. So this is gonna looks like from the dots again still beautiful actually like this spot it was to be good photo photoshoot here along the water it’s such a nice little spot for a photo we’ve stood out on this little triangle thing, and looked out how beautiful is that tim is currently showing us around parts of Florence he as he studies here he knows like all the good spots yes it is such nice day here in France, I’m so glad it’s raining trying to catch our buddy good job alright Tim’s taking us to his favorite gelato place he are seeing as we are in Italy we need to try it, I’ll try it soon Tim’s favorite is cheesecake, I’m gonna try it it’s amazing thank you it’s amazing. So good you know what did everyone get what did you get what did you go banana cheese the bananas good as well, I’ll go that probably my favorite. So far, I’m just tasting, I’m so good.

So good I love the cheesecake I know they’ve made me walk down the jewelry Street ready for the walk up yeah I thought hop is in the Piazza a bit of a climb we have made it to the top, and this spot has such good views of Florence I saw a man coming up it’s beautiful imagine this on a clear day is a little bit foggy. But it still looks amazing look at that Wow. So if you see he’s a wall we walked right along the wall all the way up, and you can actually see the breeze out there where we were at before we started. So amazing up here Florence is huge hang on, I’ll show you right out here the hub biggest forum, and there’s the big dome thing where we’re looking for Timur those 340 the Sun is starting to go down a bit, and we’ve come across the market tonight anything from like fashion items to mass-produce little trinkets alright you guys we’re gonna get some traditional Italian pizza oh I see you guy there though the other place was closed we came here, and this both closed as well. But look how cool it looks inside that’s a shame we finally found a place that does pizza, and it is Italian pizza in a wood fire this is gonna be yay after they’ve also ordered some money as well. So we get our pasta, and our pizza look at it looks good try your lucky is it good good we waiting for Faizal sorry good – YUM it’s smoking, I’m so excited thank you so much Oh looks amazing that was so fast probably about we get cooked yes now that’s very good cheese in there just finish up pizza which was amazing I feel like every time we go to a place is riot.

But Tim’s just taken us to his apartment, and it’s at the top floor, and it has such a nice view look at that how cool is that Bharati thanks for reading guys we just got home, and I was really awesome seen Florence, and was really nice for Tim to take us around, and show us all the hot spots who is that even though you can see on Google where to go just having someone that lives here, and being able to show us around is pretty cool. Because we get to see extra stuff, and kind of go like the more scenic routes. But yet tomorrow we are off to our final stop in Europe waiting to roam, and we’re spending three nights there, and should be good we’re planning to go, and see all the sides think we’re gonna go to Vatican City as well show you in there. But yeah someone’s falling asleep reading , and I think, I’m gonna cuddle up, and been reading too. But uh thanks so much for reading guys we’ll see you tomorrow bye.

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