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I stepped on a piece of plywood lying on the floor disturbing an unnaturally large, black spider with thick, hairy legs. This creature fearlessly stood its ground almost daring us to do something, then rapidly skidded into a dark crevice of the wall. I jumped over the remaining wood plank. Good grief, I hate spiders!

Our small group eventually settled into a section to the left of the stairs. It was explained that, in its earlier days, there was a sunken sidewalk in front of the hotel. The basement once contained the hotel’s poolroom and barbershop, along with other small businesses.

As our eyes began to focus on the gloomy interior, the vision of collapsed windows and doorways, now filled with rocks and cement, began to take shape. Window and door frames, now crumpled, were made from fine wood. Moving from room to room was like walking through an underground ghost town revealing a graveyard of past lives. In one section, we noted remnants of wallpaper. It was a floral design, similar to some of the old guest rooms on the third floor. We wondered if someone had lived down here.

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