Marino Lookout Farm US Map & Phone & Address

Marino Lookout Farm US Map & Phone & Address

89 Pleasant St. Natick; (508) 655-4294

See the listing under Food Shops.

Ricky’s Flower Market

283 Washington St. Somerville; (617) 628-7569

Ricky’s is right in the heart of Union Square literally. Whichever direction you travel through that crazy course of roads, you’ll be looking right at this open-air stand. It’s a family-run business, offering good prices on all kinds of plants and flowers.

The big promotional deal here is a dozen long-stemmed roses for $9.98. But there is also a wide variety of annuals at $1.98 each petunias, marigolds, violets, begonias, and more. That’s also the basic price for herbs and vegetable plants like tomatoes. Hundreds of perennials are $2.89 and up. Interior plants, arriving weekly

Better yet, Ricky also has a Bargain Basement around the side, actually with tables of pansies and Tom Thumbs for a dollar, and a sea of impatiens in pink, purple, red, and white, at $2 each. Taking advantage of rush-hour traffic, the shop is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 RM. There are two parking areas on the Washington Street side.

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