Fraser’s on the Avenue US Map & Phone & Address

1680 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge; (617) 441-5566

This creative bistro is a great place to enjoy fresh Mediterranean food. The restaurant is small and bustling (i.e. you will be able to admire your neighbor’s food as readily as your own), but the atmosphere is stylish. The care taken with the cooking shows up in nice touches like chopped hard-boiled eggs sprinkled over a bowl of gazpacho ($4.50).

Fraser’s works on a dinner tapas theme: Dishes can be considered either small entrees or generous appetizers, depending on your appetite. But one or two orders per person can be enough, especially if you share a delicious bread basket of focaccia, sourdough rolls, and grilled pizza dough, all for $3.50.

Mine sampled a tasty grilled pizza topped with chicken, sharp cheese, and pesto for $7. TTiese (relatively) low prices extend even to elegant dishes like grilled bluefish in grape leaves ($8) or duck Tangier with apricots and tabouleh ($9).

There are always a few dinner specials (these are full-size), but they mostly run to about $14; the truly economical can request half-orders.

Fraser’s also serves a weekend brunch. They open at 11:30 A.M. on weekdays, half an hour earlier on weekends; food is served until midnight Sundays through Tuesdays, and til 1 A.M. the rest of the week.

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