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106 Main St, Watertown; (617) 923-9219

This cute little place just outside of the square takes a creative approach to breakfast and lunch. Mornings offer plates like the 222, two each of eggs, pancakes, and bacon, all for $3.50. Homemade muffins are only 850 apiece, in scrumptious blueberry, corn, apple, and banana. Why, you can even get a single large egg, any way you want it, with home fries and toast for a mere $1.50. When was the last time you got a whole meal for a buck-fifty?

Lunches range from various burgers ($2.75-$3.50 and named, for some reason, after historic New Englanders) to vegetarian roll-up sandwiches. Mine loved his Chicken Veggie ($4.15), juicy slices of white meat with lettuce, broccoli, tomato, ranch dressing, and melted cheese, all rolled into a pita. Almost nothing on this vast menu tops five dollars, except perhaps some seasonal specials like Tomato Surprise ($5.75), a tuliped whole tomato filled with tuna, chicken, or egg salad, served with cottage cheese on a bed of lettuce. Of course, such healthy fare leaves plenty of room for a slice of homemade coconut cream pie ($1.95) afterwards.. .

Open from 6 am. every day but Sunday, Why Not serves only until 3 PM. on weekdays, and 12 noon on Saturdays. The place does a brisk business at peak times, making takeout a good option if you’re in a hurry.

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