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Complete the Quarry Loop Trail by hiking north along the lower railroad grade. Here you will find the foundation of the Cutting House, the walls of the Power House, and the Rock Crusher building.

The DNR designed the Quarry Loop Trail as a self-guided hike. An informative brochure that interprets interesting historical and natural sites along the way is available at the park office and at the trailhead.

Temperature If you want to avoid the hottest, most humid Athens Map Tourist Attractions , sweltering season of the year, the best time to visit Haiti is during the Northern Hemisphere’s Athens Map Tourist Attractions low-sun (winter) season November through March.

Daytime temperatures at low elevations reach only into the 70s to 80s (20s to low 30s C) during this time of year. Summer conditions are somewhat warmer, with afternoon highs usually in the 80s to low 90s (25°-35°C). Temperatures are generally rather pleasant year-round because of the cooling effect of the trade winds. At night, depending upon the season, temperatures drop into the mid-60s and 70s (18°-27°C).

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