Rio Tinajas

Rio Tinajas is a breathtaking wonder situated between Ceiba and Fajardo. Locally known as Charco Frio, Rio Tinajas offers a collective natural experience of waterfalls and waterpools where guests may unwind, have barbeque, dip into the cool waters or swing on the rope ala Tarzan. Rio Tinajas offers cliff dives of numerous heights or you may just frolic in the cold water in one of the shallow natural pools. Guests may also bring their food for a nice picnic while basking on the wonderful scenery before them.

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Young seal pups are everywhere and can often give you a shock when they suddenly pop up in front of your mask or tug at your fins. Visibility is usually pretty good and, with no currents to worry about, it makes an excellent novice dive on the low ebb tide. Some 30 metres north of the gully on the last dive site are the remains of what is probably the SS Gastav Vigeland A large ship’s boiler lies on its side next to an iron propeller, surrounded by masses of wreckage spread all over the place. Depths are in the 15-18 metre region and, because the wreck lies a bit offshore from the island and rather exposed, the current can be very noticeable. This is a good rummage dive and there are often a few crustaceans and large cod hiding under the steel plates and framework. The visibility sometimes appears a bit dismal compared to what it is closer in to the island. Depths just north of this position drop away to 25 metres plus where the seabed is very stony and currents are very strong. The northwestern corner of Knavestone is a steep sloping face which bottoms out onto hard stony ground strewn with rusting jagged steel plates and framework, possibly from the SS Abessinia at 10 metres. Lots of marine life can be observed, with soft corals, anemones and crustaceans. From here the seabed slopes away down into Seal Gut channel to around 15metres before rising up again at the base of the massive submerged reef that stands like a barrier all the way over to Longstone.

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