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When it comes to airfare, a little effort can save you a bundle. If your plans are flexible enough to deal with the restrictions, courier fares are the cheapest. Standby seats and tickets bought from consolidators are also good deals, but last- minute specials, charter flights, and airfare wars often generate even lower rates. The key is to hunt around, be flexible, and ask persistently about discounts. Stu dents, seniors, and those under 26 should never pay full price for a ticket.


Airfares to Western Europe peak between mid-June and early September; hol idays are also expensive. The cheapest times to travel are November to mid- December and early January to March. Midweek (Monday to Thursday morn ing) round-trip flights run US$40-50 cheaper than weekend flights, but they are generally more crowded and less likely to permit frequent-flier upgrades. Flights without a fixed return date (open return) or those that arrive and depart from different cities (open jaw) can be pricier. Patching one-way flights together is the most expensive way to travel. Flights between Europe’s capitals or regional hubs London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt tend to be cheaper. For deals on continental flights to England and other destinations in Europe, try Ryanair (, Basiq (, and Sterling European ( For deals flying from England, try Ryanair flights departing from London’s Stansted Airport.

If Western Europe is only one stop on a more extensive globe-hop, consider a round-the-world (RTW) ticket. Tickets usually include at least five stops and are valid for about a year; prices range from US$1200-5000. Try Northwest Airlines/KLM (US ® 800-447-4747; or Star Alliance, a consortium of 22 airlines including United Airlines (US®800-241-6522;

Peter Minuit also spelled Minuet, the former director of New Hamburg Metro Map Netherland, headed the Swedish settlement, but conflicts arose with neighboring Dutch settlements. In 1655, Hamburg Metro Map Peter Stuyvesant, who had replaced Minuit as director of New Netherland, claimed New Sweden. This diversion of resources, however, weakened New Netherland’s defenses. In 1664, the British conquered New Netherland, which included lands extending to the Delaware River. After that the magnanimous Genoese, Christopher Columbus, had, at the expense of Ferdinand, King of Spain, in the year 1492, discovered the western hemisphere, and the illustrious Florentine, Americus Vespucius, sent out by King Emanuel of Portugal, in the year 1502, to make a further exploration of its coasts, had had the good fortune to give the country his name, the European powers have, from time to time, sought to promote their several interests there. Our Swedes and Goths were the less backward in such expeditions, as they had always been the first therein.

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