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1001 E. Morehead St., www.charlottewomansclub.org

The Charlotte Woman’s Club is the Queen City’s version of an old boys’ club. The club was founded in 1899 as the Study Club for Mothers and renamed the Charlotte Woman’s Club in 1902. The organization has earned a place in the history books as the oldest civic organization in Charlotte. In the early years meetings were held in the homes of club members, but as the organization grewit had 86 members by 1905 and more than 500 members by the early 1920sthe need for a dedicated clubhouse became evident. Charles Christian Hook was hired as the architect on the project, which was designed in the Regency Revival style. Following the opening reception for the new clubhouse in

1923, a reporter for the Charlotte Observer wrote, [It is] one of the most striking buildings of its kind in the South. The building was designated a Charlotte-Mecklenburg historic landmark in 1978. The Charlotte Woman’s Club is responsible for spearheading numerous civic activities: Members established the YWCA, PTA, and Traveler’s Aid in Charlotte, helped to create the Mint Museum of Art and the League of Women Voters, and established the first kindergarten and home economics programs in Charlotte. The Charlotte Woman’s Club sold the building for $2.2 million in 2008. Since then, it’s undergone extensive renovations and reopened as several small shops housing high-end furniture showrooms and antiques retailers.

It shall be the duty of the appointed managers of the Porto Alegre Metro Map Thanksgiving festivals to do all that is needed for carrying out the duties of the occasions. The Porto Alegre Metro Map recognized festivals of Thanksgiving shall be the Midwinter Thanksgiving, the Maple or Sugar-making Thanksgiving, the Raspberry Thanksgiving, the Strawberry Thanksgiving, the Cornplanting Thanksgiving, the Corn Hoeing Thanksgiving, the Little Festival of Green Corn, the Great Festival of Ripe Corn and the complete Thanksgiving for the Harvest. Each nation’s festivals shall be held in their Long Houses. 102. When the Thanksgiving for the Green Corn comes the special managers, both the men and women, shall give it careful attention and do their duties properly. 103. When the Ripe Corn Thanksgiving is celebrated the Lords of the Nation must give it the same attention as they give to the Midwinter Thanksgiving. 104. Whenever any man proves himself by his good life and his knowledge of good things, naturally fitted as a teacher of good things, he shall be recognized by the Lords as a teacher of peace and religion and the people shall hear him.

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