8 Best hotels in Meloneras – Maspalomas Gran Canaria

In the next few minutes a clear answer to the question. what are the best hotels in the Meloneras area in Maspalomas? For this post I read reviews on the over 15 hotels in Meloneras and picked 8 of the best once.

8 Best hotels in Meloneras – Maspalomas Gran Canaria Photo Gallery

After visiting these hotels in real life, 1 did not live up to what was promised online, and 7 were indeed offering great quality holidays. So don’t always believe the reviews you read online. Let’s have a quick look at the 7 hotels in the Costa Meloneras in Gran Canaria you can book today and be sure you have made the right choice. Do know that all of these are in very different price categories so don’t try to compare them with each other. The Riu Palace Meloneras Resort is great for people looking for a relaxing holiday in Gran Canaria. I especially liked the feel here. Everything felt spacious, fresh and clean.. from the reception, to the restaurants and pools. In the garden you will also find some bungalow villa style rooms that are especially great for having everything close by, so keep that in mind as an option.

The hotel Riu Palace Meloneras offer a selection of great pools as well as plenty of thing to do in the hotel during your stay. Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort Corallium Spa & Casino is a 4+ star hotel in the Meloneras area in Gran Canaria and also one of the biggest ones here. Because of this it offers everything you can imagine from 5 pools to many sports fields. The whole hotel is build in large Colonial style and set in some beautiful tropical gardens. The hotel H10 Playa Meloneras Palace is a 5 star hotel very close to the Meloneras beach. It has many different restaurants, ocean view and different heated pools. One of these is also adults oriented, so ideal for a relaxed vibe, while the others focus more on the entire family. The H10 Playa Meloneras is ideal for people looking for a relaxed holiday in the Meloneras area and close to the beach. Seaside Palm Beach is a 5 star hotel close to the dunes of Maspalomas in the Meloneras area of Gran Canaria. I really liked the gardens in this hotel.

It is much more green and lush then some of the other hotels in this area and everything is spread out over a large area, so it does not feel crowded. This hotel was for a part undergoing updates and improvements during my last visit so I am confident they will keep on offering great holidays for the coming years. If you want a 5 star hotel with a relaxed vibe and that is great for the entire family, the hotel Seaside Palm Beach might be a great choice for you. The 4 star Riu Clubhotel Gran Canaria in the Meloneras area of Maspalomas is a great family holiday hotel. It offers everything you could wish for like many different pools, including a kids pool with slides, several adults only pools and the infinity pool next to to ocean and promenade. If you want your own private pool you can also opt in for the swim up suites with ocean view. Being a typical club hotel, there is entertainment day and night for kids, teenagers and adults. So all in all a great family holiday hotel in Gran Canaria. On top of this, the Clubhotel Riu Gran Canaria also offers a 24 hour all inclusive service. Lopesan Villa del Condes is one of the many 5 star Lopesan hotels in the Meloneras area.

This one has a grandish welcoming reception build into a cathedral style building. The hotel itself is very big so offers everything you could wish for but because of the layout of the hotel it does not feel very big. It feels more like being on holiday in a small authentic Spanish village with beautiful gardens. Also because there are multiple small pools, it never feels crowded or like you are in a very busy hotel and the pool is always within easy walking distance from your accommodation. This hotel is front line to the ocean and about 300 meters from the Meloneras beach but also within the hotel you will find a pool with sand beach if you do not wish to leave the hotel but still want the beach. The Lopesan Villa del Condes also has a large spa and indoor swimming pool. The Seaside Gran Hotel Residencia is a 5 star GL hotel in Meloneras area. So what does that mean? Well.. it’s kinda like 6 stars but since Gran Canaria does not offer 6 star ratings, its 5 star GL.

This hotel really surprised me even before I knew the star rating, so I suppose this rating in well deserved. The whole hotel consists out of villas set in some beautiful and relaxing gardens around a central pool. If money is no issue.. I can definitely advise the Seaside Gran Hotel Residencia. If you want to find more detailed information about any of these hotels do you know that you can have a look on my website. There you can also price compare and see what company is offering the best deal so you also can get great value for money. I hope this post helped you and that you will have an even better time in Gran Canaria because of it.

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