Travel Advice And Advisories For Honduras

Where possible:

Take preventative measures.

Get up and move around the aircraft cabin during a flight, stop the car and get out for a walk when driving long distances, or walk up and down the coach on long journeys.

Exercise gently when you arrive at your destination by car.

Watch for symptomfor at least a week after a journey.

If in any doubt, seek medical advice, and make sure that you tell them that you recently made a long flight or drove a long way.

If your doctor tellyou it ijust cramp, he could be right. BUT if it doesn’t feel right and seemto be getting worse, seek alternative medical advice and stresthe fact that you made a long flight and are worried about DVT

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Drink and travel do not mix. Though a little nerve-steadier may be beneficial in some cases, the consumption of alcohol in any quantity putyou at risk.

Alcoholic drinktend to dehydrate you. Add that to the dehydrating effectof air travel and you have a problem.

Dehydration will give you a headache, make you feel ill and irritable, and the ultimate symptom ideath. That ian unlikely eventuality when travelling, but feeling unwell will not make the journey pleasant.

Add to that the reduced co-ordination and subsequently limited ability to escape in an emergency and consuming alcohol becomea pastime that sensible travelleravoid.

Drink – countermeasures

Flying will dehydrate you, so drink a lot of water.

Alcohol will also tend to dehydrate you, compounding the dehydrating effect of flying.

Dehydration leaveyou irritable, which could lead to conflict. Mix that with alcohol and you are left with the possibility of drunken brawlon aircraft. Avoid alcohol on aircraft.

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