The Rainbow City- Salvador Brazil

Welcome literally always something going on here center of all the arts music culture activities here at seldom everything is.

So so if Stephanie have really good yet come to a little town on an island just off the coast of Salvador because we’re trying to find this Chocolate Factory. I don’t know, it’s me anyways inside rica freaka very lively very lively hold your horses my beach huts how lively this powder oh. So shovel Hey oh yeah.

The Rainbow City- Salvador Brazil Photo Gallery

So this right right now yeah, it’s it’s gonna have a little bit of green in it to show that it hasn’t gone past its time once it loses all the greens. And starts going like a dark yellow, you know. And, it’s bad not bad, but, it’s not really juicy that’s what it looks like inside well oh.

And then basically what, you do is, you take one of these and, you sucker don’t, you it just give it a sec. And then your tasted a taste like, this is when, you just put it back in yeah, it’s really gooey just get with your hands, it’s good older using your hands kind of fruit because just flies everywhere Wow just don’t chew it though just suck it and, you can suck their pulpal. And, it’s nice sweet huh uh-huh to dry it roasted.

And then do shallot in that in the pepper make chocolate. I mean. So you’re nothing like chopped no not at all be it tastes like lychee in an ET oh it’s, you yeah yeah that’s chocolate chocolate here’s the chocolate it is a 70% cocoa.

So it looks like and, you can see, it’s kind of like my press on it, it’s kind of a mix between the leathery fruit strip. And chocolate, it’s very interesting it doesn’t melt just awesome actually in heat it just kind of gets more shocked. So we’re having lunch now.

And dish called mo-chica. So, it’s a rookie. And fish stew cooked in a clay pot with Jen chieh oil okay.

I’m milking spicy peppers. I probably pronounced all those that’s right, but they’re yeah Bon Appetit produce yeah, you think so. I do and.

I didn’t, you Italian day on the line nice hair Stephanie got here the markets let’s see look at my like a morning is my hair matches, it’s cool I’ll never have never done lady all the ladies tournament for yourself door there’s a big cold like a space elevator now crazy. I fell dinner TMZ tour. And the line together better.

I’m Noah what are you. ?

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