Denver Subway Map

As you get near to these buildings, you reach a Denver Subway Map T-junction of tracks. Turn left here and follow the track, ignoring turnings off to Denver Subway Map the right. The track descends gently to reach a T-junction with a road, now on the edge of Lodsworth; turn right onto this road, very soon reaching a road T-junction with Shepherds Lane. Turn left onto Shepherds Lane, then at the end turn right into Lodsworth’s main street.

Lodsworth is a most attractive village with a good mixture of old and new; its finest buildings include the Manor House, parts of which date back to the thirteenth century, the eighteenth-century Great House, the early-eighteenth-century Dower House, and the Church of St Peter, with some Norman work and a tower that dates back to about 1300, as well as a fine new window with its portions of stained glass. Proceed down the main street, soon reaching the Hollist Arms on your right.

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