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Never wear a pedometer. Seasoned hikers know how far they’ve walked just by smelling the air. (The further the walk, the more pungent the body odour.) Pedometers work by measuring movement and are usually worn on a belt around the hips to record the ‘shock’ vibrations in the hip when the foot hits the ground. They are notoriously inaccurate because they are reliant on hikers entering their average stride length.

Not only do inexperienced walkers spend all their time looking at their pedometers and not where they’re going, but they soon realise that a pedometer’s recording ability improves with violent hip-swinging action. Pedometer-wearing novices wiggle their hips aggressively.

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Successful hiking is all about successful food management. Think of your body as a steam engine and the food as the coal your body burns to produce fuel. There is an axiom that recommends that people should breakfast like a king, lunch like a lord and dine like a pauper. You are encouraged to throw this out, along with one-inch to one-mile maps. You should aim to breakfast like a hiker, lunch like a hiker, and snack like a hiker, all before dining like a hiker when your walk is done.

Breakfast This should consist of the biggest, fattiest fry-up you can muster. There will be plenty of time to worry about your cholesterol when you get back to work.

Elevenses To be taken any time after breakfast. If eaten immediately after breakfast there is less weight to carry in your rucksack.

Lunch All hikers eat at country pubs. It’s the reason for going on a hike in the first place. Afternoon snack A pick-me-up during the afternoon is a hiking necessity.

Dinner After hiking a long distance, you deserve a hearty meal, but the volume of food you want to consume may alarm non-hikers. The best course of action is to book an early table at 7pm in one restaurant, and a 9pm table at a different one. You will also benefit from a wider choice of menu and dining companions.

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