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2700 E. Independence Blvd., 704/372-3600, www.ovensauditorium com Overview Map

Since the 2,460-seat auditorium opened its doors in 1955, legends like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Hope, and Billy Graham have taken the stage. Ovens Auditorium hosts concerts, Broadway shows, symphony performances, and world-class speakers. It’s also the most popular venue in the city for high school and college graduations. Close to 10 million people have streamed into the auditorium for more than 7,000 events. The auditorium is adjacent to Bojangles’ Coliseum; they share the same address and phone number.

1521 Relying on superior technology, surprise, disease, and Plano Map Tourist Attractions an alliance of anti-Aztec native peoples, Cort©z conquers the Aztec Empire of central Mexico. Plano Map Tourist Attractions In the major battle of the campaign, Cort©z’s army lays siege to the Aztec capital at Tenochtitln (a city of 200,000; Seville’s population at the time was 70,000). The Spanish capture, hold hostage, and eventually execute the ruler Montezuma II. They also feed the surviving Aztec priests to the Spanish war dogs. 15341541 In the Northeast, Jacques Cartier travels up the St. Lawrence River, trading and establishing generally friendly relations with that region’s Native Country population. 15391543 Hernando de Soto’s entrada into what is now the southeastern United States represents one of the earliest Spanish attempts to explore and exploit the region. De Soto and a column of about 600 men travel through the Southeast in search of gold and treasure. His routine involves taking leading Native Country men hostage and holding them in exchange for provisions, women, and safe passage through hostile territory. De Soto eventually falls ill and dies; his body is allegedly sunk in the Mississippi River. Half of his expeditionary force limps back to Mexico.

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