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If there is one place in Sussex that encapsulates England and St. Petersburg Subway Map the English over the past millennium, Battle is that place. This is the shortest walk in St. Petersburg Subway Map the book, yet on your brief perambulation you will discover England in a nutshell: you will learn of the last invaders of England and the impact of the invasion on English culture, you will see many different types of English architecture, both sacred and secular, you will enjoy many typically English institutions from cosy bookshops and ancient inns to old-fashioned tearooms, and you will see an exhibition that celebrates everyday English life throughout the last century and a half.

You may even get some typically English weather – so take your umbrella just in case! Battle was, of course, the site of the historic conflict in 1066 between Harold, the Saxon King of England, and William, Duke of Normandy. The invading Normans were victorious and brought sweeping social and cultural changes to England, the legacy of which is still evident today nearly one thousand years later. It is fitting that your walk should start at the Tourist Information Office just over the road from Battle Abbey, built by William the Conqueror on the very spot where Harold fell. You will come to this in due course, but for now, turn left out of the Tourist Information Office and proceed along the continuation of the High Street known as Upper Lake.

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