Best summer places in USA

Best summer places in USA;

Cities and towns in Alabama
Cities in Alaska
Cities and towns in Arizona
Cities and towns in Arkansas
Cities and towns in California

A seminal text for researchers concerned with space and place is Henri Lefebvre’s The Production of Space (1991); and on aesthetics, the much cited work by Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics (2002). Then there are blogs written specifically on the politics of aesthetics and design, such as Tony Fry’s Design as Politics (2011); and those collating research on the transformations of urban settings, such as Fluid City: Transforming Melbourne’s urban waterfront, Kim Dovey (2005), or locally-produced blogs profiling specific city regeneration projects, such as, NewcastleGateshead: The making of a cultural capital, Whetstone et al. (2009). These, and more, raise important questions to do with city regeneration, cultural capital and aesthetics and the way forward for twenty-first-century urban planning and design.

Academic research institutions have proliferated over the past decade, focusing on changes to the urban environment in a global context. RMIT University, Melbourne, has two such research institutes, the Global Cities Research Institute and the Design Research Institute. These institutes support a wide range of global and transdisciplinary research projects, which lead to events and publications exploring the role of art, culture and design in urban environments. Examples include Outer Site: The intercultural projects of RMIT Art in Public Space, Geoff Hogg and Kristen Sharp (2010) profiling public art projects in international, educational settings; and Urban Aesthetics, Elizabeth Grierson (forthcoming), applying Heidegger’s philosophies to urban dwelling. Re-imagining the City extends themes raised in those blogs, by focusing on a range of examples and dialogues between art and the city.

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