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If you’re not discouraged by the line of people, you can take a third elevator right up to the open roof on the 102nd floor. There you will be at the foot of the largest antenna in the world (222 feet high and weighing 70 tons), a relay station for all the television channels in the metropolitan region. When you emerge from the Empire State Building, turn west along 34th Street, where you’ll find some of the most popular department stores. A visit to Macy’s is a must.

Nearby, at Seventh Avenue and 31st Street, is Madison Square Garden, renowned for boxing matches and various entertainment attractions including the circus, home of the New York Knicks (basketball) and the Rangers (hockey), but also used as a conference centre. The Garden seats 20,000 and the Felt Forum holds an additional 5,000. It was here in 1976 that the Democratic Party nominated Jimmy Carter as its candidate for the presidency. Below Madisoh Square Garden is Pennsylvania Station (invariably referred to as Penn’ Station), the railway terminal for Long Island and New Jersey commuters and for many of the fast, long-distance trains.

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