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I love Dublin. It is my most favourite city to visit. We recently spent a weekend there. Myself and my husband booked a short city break and were in our hotel literally twenty minutes after leaving the airport.

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Within twenty five minutes I was doing my favourite things to do in Dublin, which is drinking a pint of Guinness.

But there is so much more to Dublin than just sitting in a pub. It's a small city. The coast to the East.

The countryside within in a half hour of the city centre. So, to blow away the cobwebs the next morning I did my other favourite things to do in Ireland which is hill walking.

There are so many trails and hiking paths throughout Wicklow.

I recommend the one that's called the Wicklow Way. It starts just south of Dublin, maybe 25 minutes from the city centre and crosses lots of lush green countryside. It's a fantastic way to freshen up.

And after all that vigorours walking, the best thing to do is hit the pubs. Dublin, I miss you.

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