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For three hours I kept walking and reached a high choppy Anshan Metro Map plateau. Some of the Gobi’s sand dunes are musical underfoot. The big dune opposite the Anshan Metro Map lake is famous for having a noise like thunder, though it is only audible on certain days. Other dunes produce similar drum-roll noises, and some make music without human intervention, being played only by the wind. The phenomenon is not of course limited to the Gobi but there is no clear explanation why usually only one dune will sing while the rest of an area is permanently silent. At sunset I sat on a ridge overlooking the crescent-shaped lake, and as the sun vanished from sight, a new silver crescent moon rose to echo the shape of the lake.

At first we considered the possibility that Mari’s demons at the shop were attached to an antique. Now we’re not sure. There could be another possibility.

If there are spirit entities remaining at the shop, is there something in Mari drawing them out? Mari’s Black Magic practices and current fragile state may have unknowingly opened a door to the past that released dark memories. The apparition of the man moving frantically as though on fire could be the spirit of the arsonist who started the Holly fire of 1879.

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