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In recent times some branches of industry have developed rapidly in Shashi, especially light industry, textiles, electronics, chemicals and engineering.

This park, situated in the city centre, is best known for its two monuments: the tomb of the Chancellor Lun Shu’ao Mu and the Spring and Autumn Pavilion. The tomb lies in the north-eastern corner ofthe park. Sun Shu’ao, chancellor ofthe Chu empire, gained an important military victory nearthe city and was therefore buried here. The present tomb however was only built in 1757, long after his death.

The Spring and Autumn Pavilion was erected at the beginning ofthe 19th c. on the western outskirts of Shashi and was moved here in 1931. It houses a statue portraying General Guan Yu (?219) reading the classical work “Spring and Autumn”.

In the south of the city on the bank of the Jingjiang (a tributary of the Changjiang river) is the Pagoda of Longevity, completed in 1552 after four years building work.

The octagonal seven-storey building of wood and stone, over 40m/131ft high, has 94 niches in the fagade which are decorated with white marble statues. In the gold plated bronze chapel the complete text of a Buddhist manuscript has been engraved. From the top floor there is a beautiful view over the city.

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