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A new air leak had made one side-tube too Best travel destinations of China soft for stability, I couldn’t even kneel up and grab the camera. Its bleeping was Best travel destinations of China raucous, impossible to ignore; it would drive me mad before I could reach the shore and I made one more lunge forward to grasp it. My hand hit it and I grabbed hold, but it was too well-taped into place and because it didn’t come off my balance was all wrong. With an icy feeling of surprise I overbalanced sideways into the lake. I came to the surface gasping with cold, flung my arms and shoulders over the canoe, and swam using it as giant water-wings. My feet were numb but my legs were kicking in determination to reach the shore.

Yet another clip was played. “Were you at the Italian Hall Panic?” Kat asked. Several second passed with only the empty sound of white noise. I looked up thinking I had missed the EVP. I saw Kat mouth the word, “Wait.” It was then I heard it, the long, drawn out response, “Yeees.” Followed by Kat’s voice saying EMF levels had risen.

It seemed there was someone on the balcony with us that night. But who it was remains a mystery. It was particularly strange that the voice sounded more like an adult male than a young boy. If we ever return for another investigation, we will certainly expand our questioning to hopefully learn more.

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