Best Travel Destinations Between Christmas And New Year

Best Travel Destinations Between Christmas And New Year

The peers, extended family members and friends of such persons might think they are crazy to just drop everything to travel freely; but, this is exactly what an increasing number of professionals and others are doing each passing year, as they evaluate their lives and discover that they are like seaweed in a sargassum; and, the only change that they are experiencing daily is the same boring cycle that is so reminiscent of a test rat or hamster walking the treadmill.

Indeed, they are increasingly being considered as the sensible and courageous ones who feel moved to evaluate their lives; and, conclude that they have to abandon the rat mill for a more exciting and fulfilling lifestyle.

In truth, most people everywhere are making moves to break the humdrum of their lifestyle by doing some form of travelling on a regular and consistent basis, starting with holiday and weekend jaunts.

For decades now, ordinary looking Chinese have been showing up at popular tourist venues across the globe. I saw them myself at Lake Louise in 1981 when I was on a car trip from Jasper via the Ice fields Parkway, Lake Louise and Banff to Calgary, Alberta, to catch a flight back east to Toronto.

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I was an ordinary teacher originally from Anguilla, a British Dependent Overseas Territory in the Caribbean. They might have been more surprised to see, a black man, than I them

Though we were from totally different ethnic backgrounds, we shared and experienced, in awe, the absolute beauty of the placid lake. We also, invariably, scrutinised and experienced each other. Their visors and cameras caught my attention; and, seeing me with a white wife must have confused most.

Just on that leg of my travel, from Jasper to Calgary, my experiences were priceless. I saw the spectacular ice fields; mule and whitetail deer, white mountain goats; bighorn sheep along the Maligne Lake route; and, even a great big, moose along the way.

Earlier, on a tour to Maligne Lake – famous for its unique bluish colour – I was part of a bus load that stopped at a canyon where, for centuries, water had carved out the rocks resulting in an impressive deep maze of waterways.

The rainbow trout in lemon sauce at the lodge was absolutely delicious.

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