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Pentti pack packing hi guys welcome welcome my name is Abby. And welcome to packing 101 Travel packing 101 to be specific actually what she was a spring type of trip that you’re planning to take. So basically the producers of a web series called backpackers asked me hey do, you a backpacker what was in my travel bag what is in my bag for say.

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And since. I’ve never done one of these posts before. I thought hey yeah let’s do one because.

I’m sure. So, you want to know kind of what are my travel packing essentials. And some of the things that.

I always like to take with me disclaimer while. I’m no expert on the field or matter. I do like to consider myself fairly experienced with packing.

I do take quite a few trips there’s quite a few trips that are about there. So hopefully you’ll enjoy this. And pick up some new tips.

And information all righty let’s get started shall we. So first off, this is my lovely travel suitcase, this is kind of like my weekender bag that. I like to take with me for my short trips, it’s built by a suit suit if you can pronounce that suit 2 -.

I know kind of tongue twister bottom yeah, it’s fantastic. I love it, it’s a social media set. I thought it was very fitting since.

I do a lot of things on the Internet Oh let’s open up show me, it’s like Christmas. So first off we have rain gear ha ha ah poor they start with the lamest one first as much as we’d like to believe that most of the trips we’re going to take. And our vacations will be beautiful perfect weather Sun sunshine unfortunately that is not always the case.

I like to pack a, it’s just a very very light loosely loosely a very very light rain jacket that. I can kind of trump up. And put on if I’m, you know once now the rain uh now if you’re traveling in the tropics, you probably don’t want to be putting on a rain jacket when it rains because, it’s still pretty hot out and, you get really muggy.

So an umbrella these are your best friend try to get like a really compact small one, you can kind of like put your purse with your girl or have handy if you’re a guy these do come in quite handy next up we have a travel towel or a microfiber small size towel um these are, this is actually quite big for these type of towels normally they’re actually made them a lot smaller it is basically a quick drying, but royal here a quick drying towel um that, you can shower with go to the beach with mop up spills wet probably want to do that is that get dirty, it’s very good idea especially when you’re backpacking to pack, it’s how long with, you. And quick drying ones are very very important because, you will be on the go quite often. And towels take a very long time to dry.

And they get really heavy when they’re wet this does not. I know, you can buy smaller sizes, but like the little extra bit of fabric is worth it for me when drying myself especially when, you want to down the beach with that, you don’t want to smell like a little tea towel really make much sense, you can usually buy these at any type of sports store or outright outdoor store more specifically. So, you have a Mac.

And REI. And atmosphere Katmandu any kind of. I think even sports check might have it um.

I think on the store is kind of like your outdoor that he’ll appear any kind of derivative you’re really really hardcore outdoor stores they will have these type of towels another thing, you will also find at the outdoor stores. I was talking about are these kind of like stuff sack or compression sacks these are very very handy out when packing your bags if you’re packing a suitcase or if you’re packing a backpack helps, you keep everything organized. And how they work is pull this towel back up is, you take your clothing, you roll it up like that um tip always draw your clothing especially if you’re in a backpack it saves space one it keeps your clothes from getting those creases in it.

And, it’s a much more efficient way to pack your clothing um. So yes, you fold your clothing up like this, you place it in your compression or stuff sack like that um, this is a bad example normally a lot smaller and, you kind of like pile it up there, you zip up. And then, you have like these bags that have your clothing kind of category so.

I like categories like t-shirts. And shorts or something like that. So, you know when you’re organizing.

And going to your bag it just helps. So now we’re going to transition from safe. And organized meeting – paranoid.

And paranoid Abby. I’m a very very paranoid. And possessive of my things.

I like to make sure they’re safe. And secure at all times. And very strict on to this um so.

I like to carry a spare locks around with me that. I can lock up my bags where that pack stuff like this making sure and, you do have lock that they’re always the TSA lock. So they have to have that little like red diamond thing on them.

So that they can go through airport draws the air poor people, you get a real me person they’ll cut your lock that’s, this is a a wire a bag wire around with me. So come to a little pack like that. And oh, this is going to uncoil, but basically, it’s like a.

I don’t know if that’s still, it’s still. I’m not sure, but, it’s a cable that, you can kind of string through your bags like. So.

And then waiting through they’re attached a walk and, you can wrap it around posts or tables or or let lamp posts that’s also a type of post, you wrap it around things. So if you have to ever leave your bag unattended for any period of time, you know, it’s Satan secure. I, this is very very handy as much as, you think that you’re going to always be with your bag there are a lot of times especially backpacking.

And traveling solo that, you won’t be. So, this is very very handy. And even in the old country because like if you’re leaving if you’re checking all over hostile early or something like that, it’s always, you know, you know, you don’t want to take your bag around with, you for the entire day, it’s good, you can just lock it up somewhere, you know, it’s safe to care for some of, you that read my blog.

And have read my previous packing posts that. I do write up on my blog that has like all the lists. And stuff, you know that.

I advocate first aid kit uh very strongly because. I seem to injure myself a lot when I travel no big injuries are always like smaller things like cuts scrapes burns, you know like stomach bugs.

So much of a hassle to be constantly running back. And forth to the pharmacy or trying to find. And locate a pharmacy in a foreign country when, you all, you need is like some polysporin or like um an antiseptic or a band-aid or something like that.

So so, it’s good to have one on, you um these are the two type of first-aid kits that. I have this one is like my more heavy-duty one that. I take if.

I’m taking on longer trips usually if, this is like a couple weeks at least. I will take this one, it’s got all your basic stuff as, you can see. I got mine from blended drugs, you can pretty much get these from any kind of drugstore they sell these kind of first aid kit.

And this one is my little mini to go one that. I take if. I’m taking kind of like a weekend trip or small a trip.

And it has basically just like a smaller version yeah safety first kid next we have these are more for longer trips that you’re going taking is a laundry bag yay to put your dirty laundry. And and to have a bag. So, you can put laundry in.

So, you can take it to the laundromat or give it to the hotel or hostel these are very handy. So yeah trips of more than a week this tends to be the one item. I always forget to pack.

And always end up really really needing play shoes even, you could use plastic bags, it’s worth, it’s packed these little babies these are tied to go sink travel laundry detergent. So basically, you put this in a sink. And soap it up and, you can do your laundry like.

I’m ER up doing like you’re not going to do it like a huge load of laundry in a sink, but, you can do pretty much any essentials that, you need like it there’s stuff that’s your kind of, you like oh my gosh. I’m running out of undergarments or a shirt or or pair of pants and, you really really need to wear just washing your sink. And then hang, it’s dry.

And you’re good to go okay. And begin to tell, you this amount of times that. I have done laundry in sinks.

And bathtubs in the many many hostels. And hotels. And other random places there’s been a lot of sink.

And bathtub laundry now we are going to move into thee Abby is a very vain person section of my travel essentials first item is a scarf actually this one’s not that bad scarves are very very handy especially if you are traveling in every season that is not summer. And sometimes even summer because summer in parts of the world is not that warm always first, you use as like a pillow case to rest your head if you’re sleeping on a train or something, you can use it as a tablecloth like such, you could use it as a skirt or or a shawl this or like to cover your head, it’s raining or up there Sun or, you know what, you can even use it as a scarf, you can, you can even use it as a scarf what it was essentially it meant to be, but. I’m not this in a very efficient order.

So here with these dicks yay lots of times if your what if your camera breaks or if you’re taking photos on another person’s camera or, you want to back up your photos or you’re doing work on the road, it’s just a really good idea to have at least one USB stick with you. I carry a probably two USB sticks with me and I have a one terabyte external, but then again.

I film a lot. So that kind of makes sense for me, but yeah definitely for everybody else though USB sticks very very handy then we’ve got ah perfumes oh here’s the thing oh. I’m back hugger sometimes when you’re on the road, you don’t know when, you will access a shower.

And you’re you’re going back. And forth sometimes you’re sleeping on buses sometimes you’re doing a lot of physical activity. And, it’s hot out.

And basically, you might smell hence why perfumes is, you know doctor because then, you just spray a perfumer oh. And now suddenly, you don’t smell see soon see Casper drift ah they’re very very handy yes continuing on with the identity section we have a compact powder compact powder because again in really hot situations your face tends to get very oily. And greasy.

And not. So pretty like. So, this is magic, you just bought some everywhere.

And then suddenly, you look beautiful again especially when your camera because. I’m sure, you guys appreciate a not oily greasy face needy trust me, you appreciate it after that we have a hairdryer yes. I do like to bring a hairdryer with me even though like if.

I’m going away. And just staying in hotels. And stuff they generally have one, but, it’s really hit or miss.

And liked me being the girl lab just to be sure. I like to pack one, this is actually travel size one kind of fold out like that. And, it’s got the different voltages which is important, this is a brand new one because, it’s actually the same model that.

I had before and I had it for like three years, it’s what’s it like an rub one rub want irons lift oh my it for about three years. And then decided to end its life on me tragically.

I was a good hair dryer hence fly box exact same one again oh yeah. And last we have only my most luxurious travel backing a central. And that is by hair straightener ah, this is my hair straightener in a Corliss that’s the brand, it’s like a full platinum ion thing um it is a full size hair straightener.

I know, you can buy the travel versions but. I always find them really not good. And they tend to just suck freelancing they just suck.

And because. I’m straightening my hair all the time or, you know putting curls in my hair. I don’t carry a curling iron with me.

So if you have a full-length straightener, you can do curls like these these were done with this, but with like the tiny ones, you can’t all, you can do is little ringlets. So, it’s like a multi-tool, you know actually is a European plug on it because. I bought it when.

I was in Prague because. I gave up on my little travel sized hair straightener. I was like no no no and I used like, it’s like a little pouch that it comes in, it’s just like a heat resistant pouch to prevent forest fires actually it would be before scars, but other fires. I just want to do a reference to Yogi Bear. So yeah.

So when I use this in North America. I have to use a travel doctor ah my last.

And final packing essential is a universal travel adapter. So this holds well it takes in all the various plugs because. I actually tend to own a lot of electronics yeah a lot of my appliances are from other countries, it’s just a mismatch because if stuff breaks on the road age buy one in there, this is handy.

And then it has all the different countries on the back gears, it’s got the UK plug. And European South American, but all that jazz. So yeah very very handy because chances are, you are packing an electronic device with, you at least a electronic device with you.

So, you need two qualities unless you’re traveling in your same country in which case, you don’t need to really take one of these well hey, this is probably a lot longer post that. I originally attend so I apologize for that if you’ve stuck through it.

I have condensed this list and I’ve actually made a longer larger list regarding the different styles like if you’re going on a weekend trip or if you’re going on a two-month trip three-month trip all that is more detail on my blog I’ll put all the posts down below, you can check them out again. I’m putting all the these products.

And stuff down below if you’re interested. And the web series. I was talking about for backpackers down below check it all out, you know, you guys are good your Fulton your pitiful um Sam uh happy packing have fun and I will catch, you guys later. ?

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